Heavy Duty Dual Bulb 72 Watt HVAC UV-C Air Purifier

Sanitizes - disinfects air through the HVAC system

This 72 Watt bulb emits UV-C light of 254nm. At that wavelength, the emitted light is able to penetrate and kill the DNA of these atomic sized organisms, viruses and bacteria which cause flu, c.diff, and other illnesses. UV-C emission also acts to eliminate mold spores, yeast, and fungi. 

So, inserting this unit device into your HVAC system ensures that not only will the air that moves through your building be ventilated it will also be irradiated and disinfected as it passes over the bulb. So instead of just filtered air in your system, you’ll end up with sanitized, healthy air!

Eliminates VOC’s and toxic compounds and fumes.
UV-C air purifiers are safest.
Most HVAC systems – air cooling or heating systems - are made of building components that contain or cause the release Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's). This is especially true of larger industrial use spaces. And as we increasingly spend more time indoors, these compounds contribute to allergies and overall poor health. The marvel of UV-C is that it is able to eliminate and destroy these compounds, to create even fresher air. Any pesticides, building materials, cabinetry, furniture, damp carpet, air fresheners or cleaning product fumes are also destroyed.
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